The Vincitore Men’s Italian Shoe

Vincitore shoes are created by a family of shoemakers in a workshop some 6 hours north of Rome, Italy. For two generations, these artisans have been honing their craft, marrying the meticulous care of traditional shoe-making with contemporary processes to create fine Italian men’s footwear, at wallet-friendly prices. Each borne of the finest leather, and painstakingly transformed into elegant works of art, with designs that range from classical to contemporary. asdsadsadsadsad

Fine. Formal. Funky
— The Vincitore Mantra

Vincitore shoes are “for any man, for any occasion”. This is reflected in the range of footwear offered. From traditional and conservative, to bolder, more creative designs.

Vincitore shoes are a perfect fit for the Chairman of the Board, executives and businessmen. Or in the most formal of settings, with patent leather iterations of classic men’s shoe designs. And on the feet of the more adventurous — the entrepreneur, the creative professional, the high-flying, “out-of-the-box” thinker. An eclectic range for every occasion, embodied by Vincitore’s, “Fine. Formal. Funky” tagline.

Giving Men’s Feet Wings

From design to completion, each Vincitore design fulfills several criteria — comfort, affordability and unsurpassed quality. Each pair must also afford the wearer a canvas for creative expression, for any occasion. This freedom of expression is reflected in the brand’s winged “V” logo and the exhiliration of flight it represents — a homage to Victoria, the winged Roman Goddess of Victory.

Vincitore in Asia
— A Woman in Men’s Shoes

Vincitore in Asia is helmed by Nita Chauhan — a woman who’s no stranger to men’s shoes. It’s a business that’s in her blood. Her father, RC Kishin, was founder and owner of successful luxury fashion retailer, Euro Shoe Shop. From an early age, Nita learned the intricacies of the shoe business from her father. In 2013, after nearly two decades in retail management and training, Nita finally gives in to “the call of the shoe” and decides to return to her passion. This sets her off on exploratory trips to Italy to find like-minded men’s shoes aficionados. Her nearly two-year search would lead her to the makers of Vincitore — and a partnership is forged. In 2015, Vincitore opens its first Asian outlet in Singapore.

Exquisite Shoes, Extraordinary Service

Vincitore is not just in the business of crafting and retailing fine Italian shoes. It is, in fact, also in the business of Service. Long after the most exquisite pair of shoes is forgotten, the memory of the remarkable quality of Service offered at Vincitore will linger. Because each pair of shoes presents an opportunity for the Vincitore brand to delight the customer and build lasting relationships. Every pair — fine, formal or funky — promises to add spice to the daily routine of work, bedazzle a glitzy soireée or help to make a unique sartorial statement for Life’s most defining moments.