Terms of Sale

The terms of sale indicated below (“Terms of sale”) apply to all the sales and deliveries of the Euroxi International Pte Ltd products (the “Seller or “the ” Supplier”). The present terms and conditions of sale must be carefully examined by the Purchaser before completing the purchase procedure. By requesting an order the Purchaser accepts the present Terms of sale and undertakes to respect them in its relations with the Supplier, who is not bound by terms and conditions other than the following.

The term “online sales contract” refers to a contract of sale relating to tangible movable property of the Seller to the Purchaser, in a distance selling environment, using telematic means, managed by the Supplier.
The term “Purchaser” refers to the consumer as a natural person who performs the purchase, to which this contract relates, for purposes unrelated to commercial or professional activities in which they are potentially involved.
The term “Supplier” refers to the subject who performs the sale of the goods to which the present contract relates.
Please take note that while purchasing shoes the purchaser is permitted to order one pair only at a time to confirm the sizing.

Identification of the parties

The goods to which the present general conditions relate are offered for sale by Euroxi International Pte Ltd with headquarters at  Singapore; Telephone no.:98539809, e-mail address: service@vincitore.shoes

Expressly declares to have performed the purchase for purposes unrelated to commercial or professional activity pursued and undertakes to not to trade in the goods purchased.

Object and conclusion of the contract
By means of the present contract, the Supplier sells and the Purchaser acquires, respectively, remotely via telematic means, only the tangible movable property indicated and offered for sale on this site.

The contract between Supplier and Purchaser is conducted exclusively over the internet following the Purchaser accessing the address of the present site, if, by following the procedures outlined, the Purchaser formalises an offer for the purchase of the goods offered for sale.

The purchase contract is executed by means of irrevocable order by the Purchaser through the filling in and online sending of the order form, visible on the order summary web page and printable, which lists all of the customer’s details and those of the order, the cost of the goods purchased and the shipping cost, methods and terms of payment, the address to which the goods will be delivered. When the Supplier receives the order from the Purchaser he will send a confirmation e-mail and/or provide for the visualization of a confirmation and summary web page, printable, which also indicates the information inserted by the Purchaser on the order form. The contract is considered to have been executed between the parties only upon execution of the order and issue of the relevant invoice. Until that moment, the Supplier retains the right to refuse the order. The sales invoice is issued by Euroxi International p.l. in paper form and included in the package containing the products ordered.

Specifically, each order placed constitutes an offer for the purchase of products by the Supplier. Orders are subject to availability and acceptance by the Supplier that may, at any time and at its discretion, refuse to accept the order of the Purchaser, including, for example, in cases where:

  • Orders cannot be executed due to an error in the information provided by the Purchaser, for example when providing: insufficient or incorrect payment information, incorrect billing information; Delivery address information is insufficient or incorrect – in this regard, the Purchaser is invited to note that the Supplier does not send products to PO boxes; or misleading information;
  • There was an error on the Site relating to the products ordered, for example, an error in the price or description of the products as shown on the Site;
  • The products ordered are no longer available on the Site;
  • The amount of the order is too high, based on a specific assessment that will be conducted on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of the Supplier.
    In such cases, the Purchaser shall only be entitled to a refund of the price paid and no further compensation.
    The invoice or bill of sale will be issued by the Supplier on paper means and inserted into the package containing the products ordered.

Method of payment and reimbursement
The Supplier exclusively accepts advance payment for the products ordered by means of the main Credit Card issuers (Mastercard and Visa) and PayPal. Credit card details are handled directly by our specified payment systems or other banks, specialising in the handling of online payments. PayPal details are handled directly by PayPal. The information is encrypted using latest generation encryption systems which prevent third party use, and is sent directly to the bank. The Supplier reserves the right to request PayPal or the bank to verify the authenticity of ownership of the card in the case of problems. Following this verification, in the event of a positive outcome, the process of concluding the contract and delivering the order will begin, provided there are no further impeding factors. Any potential refund to the Purchaser, should he be entitled to such, will occur by means of credit card payment transfer or PayPal refund or payment mode with which payment was received by the Supplier, within a maximum of 30 days from the date in which the Supplier becomes aware of the cause which gives rise to his right to a refund.

Delivery times and methods
The Supplier will send the ordered products via their couriers. Order fulfillment time may vary, from 3 days typically to a maximum of 10 working days from the time of the order, within which time the invoice will be issued with the consequent acceptance of the order, and its execution will begin. Where the Supplier is not in a position to send the goods within the time frame specified, timely notice will be given via e-mail to the Purchaser, specifying the time by which the order will be fulfilled. Delivery times may vary depending on the delivery country and other factors not directly subject to the control of the Supplier and not attributable him.

Shipping and delivery costs
The Supplier delivers the goods all over the world, with the exception of the certain countries which might not allow the same.

In the EC member countries the shipment takes place with the DDP formula (Delivery Duty Paid), therefore in these destinations the goods will arrive directly at the place of delivery specified without having to pay other amounts additional to what already paid at the time of placing the order, since the calculation of the price already includes also any shipping fees. The shipping fees will be calculated and shown in the process prior to the order by the Purchaser and also contained in the summary web page of the order.

For most of the countries, the shipment takes place with DDU formula is used (Delivery Duty Unpaid), therefore the courier could request a separate invoice with payment of duties and taxes charged by local authorities. In the event that the amount of these expenses was known by the Supplier, the latter at the time of purchase will inform the Purchaser of the amount or will provide instructions for calculating it. In any case, the Purchaser is encouraged to inquire about the applicable local taxes and duties , before placing an order on the Site.

All product sales prices advertised and indicated on this internet site are expressed in in different currencies depending on the country of destination of the goods selected by the Purchaser (the country of delivery of the goods is set automatically by the system with the geolocation of user. Users can in any case change the country of delivery at any time)   The prices indicated corresponding to each of the goods offered to the public are valid up to the moment in which the order is placed and indicated on the order summary page. Furthermore, the Supplier may alter prices and conditions at any time. In relation to the Purchaser, that which appears on the order summary page will be considered valid. Please note that the prices charged for any product purchased on the website may vary .

Product availability
The Supplier, by means of the telematic system used, ensures that the order will be processed and executed without delay. In the event that an order exceeds the quantity available in the warehouse, the Supplier, will advise the Purchaser, via e-mail, as to whether the product is no longer available for order or as to the waiting times for relative to the chosen product, and request confirmation as to whether he wishes to proceed with the order. The Supplier’s computer system will confirm registration of the order in the shortest time possible, and will notify the user via e-mail confirmation, which is not legally binding, constituting simply a summary of the order.

Limitations of liability
To the maximum extent permitted by the law, the Supplier does not accept any responsibility for poor service attributable to acts of God, in cases where it is not possible to execute the order in the times foreseen by the contract. The Supplier will not be held Responsible towards the Purchaser, except in cases of fraud or serious misconduct, for poor service or malfunction relating to use of the internet which is outside his control or the control of his sub-suppliers. The Supplier, furthermore, is not responsible for damages, losses or costs incurred by the Purchaser as a result of failure to execute the contract for reasons not attributable to him; the Purchaser is only entitled to a nett refund of the price paid. The Supplier assumes no responsibility for any fraudulent and illicit use by third parties of credit cards, for the payment of the purchased products where he can demonstrates that he employed all ordinary cautionary measures available to him and in keeping with normal diligence.

Responsibility for defects, proof of damage and refundable damages: obligations of the supplier
The Supplier will not be held responsible for consequences deriving from use of the product by the purchaser whatever they might be.

Guarantees and methods of assistance
The Supplier does not guarantee anything with respect to the product sold to the Purchaser. However, the Supplier will always extend any post purchase services as he feels suitable in event there is a feedback/complaint by the Purchaser.

Obligations of the purchaser
The Purchaser undertakes to pay the price of the goods purchased in accordance with the times and methods indicated in the Contract. The Purchaser undertakes, upon conclusion of the online purchase process, to print and conserve the web page which carries details of the order. The information contained in this contract has, furthermore, already been viewed and accepted by the Purchaser, who acknowledges it, as at the moment of finalizing the order a referral to the present web page appears.

Right of withdrawal
The Purchaser is entitled to withdraw from the contract entered into, without penalty or obligation, within 21 (twenty-one) days from the date of placing the order. In any case, in the event of possible late deliveries, the Purchaser is granted the term of 7 days from the delivery of the products to request the withdrawal. In the event that the Purchaser decides to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must notify the seller using the appropriate form included in the Purchaser section of this web site. In all cases, to avail of the right to a full refund of the price paid, the goods must be returned in full, with the tag and/or seal complete and not removed, and must not be used or worn. The only costs incurred by the purchaser for exercising his right of withdrawal referred to in this article is that of returning the goods to the Supplier. To this end it should be clarified that shipments from outside of CE Countries have import duties to be paid by the Supplier and that they can only be returned if accompanied by the “cites” certificate issued by the competent authority when necessary. Purchasers wishing to return goods are advised to consult the competent authorities before sending. Goods not normally allowed through customs will be refused and will not be refunded. The Supplier will refund the amount of the product returned not including the shipping costs paid by the Supplier to the Purchaser following withdrawal within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of notification of withdrawal on the condition that within this period the goods are returned in their original state and not worn. The Purchaser must send the returned goods to the following address: Vincitore Shoes, No 2 Essex Road #08-02, Singapore 309330. email: service@vincitore.shoes

Storage of the contract
The Supplier informs the Purchaser that each order is stored in digital form on the Site server according to criteria of confidentiality and security.

Communications and complaints
The Supplier informs the Purchaser that all orders are conserved in digital form on the server which hosts the site in accordance with confidentiality and security criteria.

Method of archiving the contract
Any written communication sent to the Supplier and any complaints will be considered valid only when addressed to Euroxi International p.l. Singapore, or sent by e-mail to service@vincitore.shoes. The Purchaser indicates in his registration form the residence or domicile, telephone number or e-mail address to which he wishes to receive communication from the Supplier.

Settlement of disputes and relevant law
For all disputes arising from the present contract in case the Parties intend to adhere to Ordinary Judicial Authority, jurisdiction resides with the authorities in the Suppliers place of business.
The present contract is governed by Singapore law.

Duration and effectiveness of the contractual conditions
Confirmation of the order implies that the Purchaser has accepted these general conditions.
These conditions may be updated or modified directly through the uploading of the new regulation on this Site. Modifications or updates will be valid and effective for orders which have not yet been typed and those for which the web page which summarizes the details of the order has not yet been displayed and printed.

“The well being of our customers and employees is top priority so we decided to close our stores in multiple countries. Customers can continue to shop online on vincitore.shoes. Please, note that the delivery might be affected by the current situation.”

We guarantee all our customers the utmost in the process of purchasing the site.
Therefore, if the pair of shoes you bought don’t fit you or the product you receive does not satisfy you, you can exercise the right of return.

You may request the return of a purchased product only in the following cases:

– The return must be done within 7 days from order date;
– The product must be intact and not used (Please take note that it has not been used with zero creases, scratches and no damages to the product);
– The product and / or seal accompanying card must not have been removed;
– Returning the product purchased online must only be done following this procedure.
– The product on “Sale” or “discount” are not returnable.

As a result of the verification of the existence of these conditions, we will refund the amount paid nett of shipping & associated costs. If the product is found to be ‘not merchandisable’ then it would not be accepted by the Supplier and would be shipped again to the customer with shipping costs to the Purchaser for resending. Note: Products purchased online can only be returned following the above mentioned procedure. We will not accept products returned to an offline store or requests that don’t respect the above mentioned procedure.
To initiate the reseller procedure you need to send a request by clicking here: we will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the necessary instructions for the procedure.
The shipping costs for the return of the product will be yours, except in cases where the delivery is due to defective product or shipping error.

The shipping costs for the return and the Custom duties are at your charge.
IMPORTANT: Products purchased online can only be returned following the above mentioned procedure. We will not accept products returned to an offline store or requests that don’t respect the above mentioned procedure.

Email: service@vincitore.shoes
To return a product you need to open a ticket at this email: service@vincitore.shoes